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Sittingbourne, Kent - Brookerpaks quality foods the UK's leading grower-importer, distributor and prepacker of garlic, ginger, shallots, onions, ready prepared vegetables and fruits, prepared salads and shelled nuts. Established in 1983, Brookerpaks has evolved from a Greengrocers that packed a small amount of Garlic in a back room for the London Wholesale Markets to a Company that imports produce from across the globe to pack and serve to our broad range of customers, which includes Supermarkets, Food Service and Wholesalers. This ensures we can achieve year round supply with all appropriate EUREPGAP and BRC Accreditation....

Breach La Upchurch, ME9 7PE

Phone: 01795 429501

Sittingbourne, Kent - Crusader are experienced in packaging solutions for all industries. Crusader Packaging Services Ltd is an independent Private Limited Company established in 1988. We are committed to providing a complete service that satisfies the specific needs of each customer through our Design and Standard packaging divisons. Please select from our extensive range of packaging supplies. Telephone, fax or email your enquiry and we will be pleased to help you. Crusader also provide a complete range of general packaging materials and packaging tools. South East of England surrounded by a major trunk road system...

Unit 5/6/Castleacres Ind Pk/Castle Rd, ME10 3RZ

Phone: 01795 426775

Sittingbourne, Kent - Competitively priced papers for book, journal and magazine related users - backed by a comprehensive and customer focused service to match. Paper qualities sourced globally to provide choice and suitability of product for all types of publishing. " Denmaur aims to be the first choice independent supplier of publishing papers. We source paper to suit the customers' printing and environmental requirements. The environmental impact of forestry, production, transport and recycling of paper is a complex one. Rather than take a specific marketing stand, we believe it is more sensible to discuss the relevant...

Paper Mews/Bonham Dr/Eurolink Commercial Pk, ME10 3RY

Phone: 01795 424433

Sittingbourne, Kent - EPS Research and Development Ltd was founded in 1954 and has been continuously involved in the design, development and project management of specialised containers and handling equipment, primarily for the defence and aerospace industries. Wellwinch Engineering Ltd has been responsible for the manufacture of such items over a similar period. The company is registered as complying with BS EN ISO 9001 and is a listed UK defence contractor. EPS LT has been involved in many major projects over the years. During most of the Company's existence, EPS LT has been involved with containers and ground handling...

152 Staplehurst Rd, ME10 1XS

Phone: 01795 429482

Sittingbourne, Kent - He soon recognised that the quality of the chalk was critical and, as his requirements could not be met locally, he acquired his own sources. Calcium carbonate is an important constituent of adhesives and paints, plastics and rubber, paper and board, as well as every day household products, such as toothpaste and cream cleansers. With same 5600 employees and over 100 sites, Omya today is a very different company from the putty factory founded in the nineteenth century. Omya AG is an international white minerals company supplying high quality calcium carbonates and talcs. Omya is a privately owned...

Ridham Dock Iwade, ME9 8SR

Phone: 01795 410004

Sittingbourne, Kent - Bureau Veritas. is an auditor of Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility procedures. Our Quality Assurance teams check size, taste, ripeness, temperature and appearance at several stages, to ensure that produce is despatched in peak condition. We take our responsibilities in the preservation of the environment seriously. Everything that can be recycled is recycled: paper, cardboard and wooden pallets are routinely collected from office and processing areas; rejected fruit is sent for composting. The Company is committed to meeting customer orders and delivery schedules and...

Eurolink Ind Centre/Castle Rd, ME10 3RN

Phone: 01795 439307

Sittingbourne, Kent - Web Division – The ability to create two or more webs from one web – again without rewinding the reel! We aim to provide our customers with the optimum method of handling paper with a view to optimising the value of their waste. The Divider is designed to reduce the overall width of a paper reel or divide a reel into two reels. You will not find our equipment in the likes of Homebase and B&Q, the retail sector. This allows us to be highly competitive in the printing and paper conversion industry and allows us to give our customers a fair value for their waste paper. Our Web Trimming...

Unit 7/D2 Trading Est/Castle Rd, ME10 3RH

Phone: 01795 479000

Sittingbourne, Kent - RK Packaging Systems in Kent is one of the key plastic packaging suppliers for both consumer and industrial markets. Most items are available ex-stock and the remainder are available to order. Ralph's two sons Paul and Nigel joined the company in the early seventies and the product range evolved to meet the changing demands of the market and Paul's son Nick is now working for the company continuing the family tradition. Today the products are clearly divided between consumer and industrial, focussing on a range of high quality, injection moulded PP pots on the consumer side of the business and...

Unit 21/Sittingbourne Ind Pk/Crown Quay La, ME10 3JG

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