Doctors in Aberdeenshire

Phone: 01330 822121

Banchory, Aberdeenshire - This clinic monitors patients who have asthma or episodes of recurring wheeze with the aim of providing the most appropriate treatment necessary to relieve and prevent symptoms. The practice is well aware that there is often a perceived difficulty in being seen urgently and that routine appointments are not available as soon as you may like. If you are phoning for the result of a test, we would like you to do this between the hours of 11-12am and 2-3pm. This clinic is provided once a week by the Practice Nurses on a Thursday morning in order to monitor the welfare and treatment of patients with...

The Surgery/Dee St, AB31 5XS

Phone: 01466 792116

Huntly, Aberdeenshire - The Bydand Medical Group, Huntly - Doctor and Practice information. This website has been designed to tell you about the practice and the services that we offer. During this time there will be mainly an emergency service with. Which ethnic group do you belong to? - You are not obliged to complete this section. We trust that you will find it helpful and informative. The surgery will be open during this week but please. only telephone for an appointment if you really. need to be seen and cannot wait. Be reassured that if you do have a problem. that needs attention we will be able to give you the...

Bleachfield St, AB54 8EX

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