Charity & Voluntary Organisations in Pewsey

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Pewsey, Wiltshire - AFF are pleased to announce the appointment of Julie McCarthy as Chief Executive from 20th September 2007. Julie has previously worked for AFF as Director, Training and Employment where she successfully built a strong team delivering training, employment advice and childcare for Army families as well as being a member of the AFF management team. Julie completed her BSc from the Royal Military College of Science since when she has worked continuously both in the UK and Germany as a manager and trainer within the Information Technology field despite frequent moves due to her husband’s military...

Trenchard Lines Upavon, SN9 6BE

Phone: 01672 564140

Pewsey, Wiltshire - Voluntary Action Kennet is a member of the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action, and as such its role is to support and develop the Voluntary Sector in the rural district of Kennet. Information and Services, we have a well stocked library and provide access to equipment such as display boards, photocopier, OHP etc. We also publish a Newsletter every other month. Enabling Representation, we are involved in supporting the voluntary sector to have their say in the development of local Health, Community and Council plans. Volunteer Services, offering support to local groups who use...

12 River St, SN9 5DH

Phone: 01672 564911

Pewsey, Wiltshire - The foundation, with a unique fusion of showbusiness, military and senior diplomatic figures, will raise substantial funding to encourage top class performers to go around the world entertaining our troops, as well as supporting existing organisations involved in providing entertainment and recreational facilities to the forces. I am delighted to be a President of The British Forces Foundation and to congratulate all of you who are helping us with this marvellous cause. If, through the efforts of this Foundation, we can relieve some of the pressures under which they work, then we not only demonstrate...

10A High St, SN9 5AQ

Phone: 01672 569131

Pewsey, Wiltshire - She turned her efforts to working for a number of charities and took an active interest in politics. The Erach and Roshan Sadri Foundation was founded in August 2005, a year on from the untimely death of Roshan Sadri, in order that the executors of her will are able to fulfill her request to use her legacy for charitable purposes. The objects of the Charity are for exclusively general charitable purposes according to English law anywhere in the world and in particular by: providing financial assistance for education and welfare purposes; relieving poverty by alleviating homelessness; and assisting...

10A High St, SN9 5AQ

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